Random good stuff...

Our neighbor noticed Blake's tie and went and found his son's outgrown one that is the matching version which made Fielding's day. You don't get much more handsome than this!

July has been a month of quick drop-ins from my family. David and Perry hit it off.

My kids have been playing outside really well this summer - the hammock is their favorite hang-out.

Flubber (Do not use dollar store glue - it separates into a nasty mess.)

The swim teachers were fighting over who got Fielding - this kid collects admires like a beachcomber collects shells.

Paisley side-breathes like a champ - she can officially out swim me.

Cosette can swim half the length of the pool solo.

The fact that Fielding was even willing to try swim lessons this year is awesome all in itself - attempting to dive is just an added bonus.

Great books. I can not get enough when it comes to memoirs - they are my true reading love.

 Breeana got to stay with us for a week - cousins are awesome!

Summer tie-dye shirts.

Lot of early morning and late evening bike rides.

My favorite way to grocery list. I ordered these off of Amazon and will never be able to live without them again.

Blake sent this while on my trip with the caption, "Best dad ever?" He did awesome with the kids while I was away.

Perry is saying new words, "G-pa", "Hi", and "Chicken" (which just sounds like Ch - Ch).

Summer is rolling on. There is an endless stream of Popsicle wrappers in my garbage and sand on my floor. I think we have visited every water destination in the valley. We have gone through two bike tubes, five bottles of sunscreen, and one jumbo bag of peanuts. 

We are living it up but I will tell you this - school starts in exactly 21 days... 

I know this because I have a mental paper chain in my head and it is the only thing keeping me from succumbing to a total little-people-are-constantly-touching-me freak out.

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