Quick kiddo update...

Paisley is ready for school to start. She was ready for school to start the day after it ended. She has spent the summer reading, drawing, swimming (she rocks in the pool), lugging around Perry, riding her bike, playing piano (she played The Lion Sleeps Tonight no less than 15 times today), and following me around. We did a little back-to-school shopping and I was asking her about using last year's backpack because it still has some life left in it and she replied, "I can if I need to but it is Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty is kind of babyish." So I let her pick out a very nondescript black with hot pink trim backpack for the new year. It kind of blew me away - I have a kid who no longer is sucked in by licensed-character merchandise.

If there is one person who wants school to start more than Paisley - it is Cosette. This girl thrives on structure and schedules and sitting quietly doing her thing... Kindergarten is going to knock her socks off! She has been playing hard this summer - she enjoys her bike, the sandbox, and looking for roly-polies.  She probably surprised me the most with swimming this summer - she loves it and does well. Her favorite thing was to dive for rings on the bottom during free time.

Fielding was made for summer because he was made to be outside. He has loved all of our adventures and rises bright and early eager for the day and crashes hard each night when we finally give into his pleas of "I want milk" (which translates to "I want to go to bed."). Fielding has worked hard to keep up with his sisters this summer and sometimes I forget that he is still kind of little. Especially if you hear this kid talk - he has an impressive vocabulary. I am grateful we were able to get him into last-minute swim lessons because he has came so far from the little boy who wouldn't even let me wash his hair in the bath.

Perry is a bit of a disaster right now. Blame it on teeth or ears or I-am-so-close-to-walking-but-can't-quite-get-it-down - I don't really know what is going on but he screams at me the majority of the day. He has always been clingy but at least he was a happy-clingy instead of this possessed-demon-clingy that we currently are working through. But the good news is he looks totally awesome in tie-dye;

Summer carries on and so do we -  Hope you are too!

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Your descriptions make me laugh!