Kara is the black sheep in the family.

Just kidding.

Well, kind of.

She has brown hair, where the rest of us have blond, so it has been an ongoing joke. But now the joke is probably on all of us because I am sure if the rest of us dropped our bottled colors we would be closer to her shade than we are to Sunflower Blond.

Kara is the sister that I am probably the closest with. This is most likely due to proximity (both in age and location) and because she is awesome at picking up a phone and calling people. She is also awesome at painting nails, french-braiding hair, and clipping itty-bitty baby fingernails (all things I officially stink at).

 Kara is superhuman strong. She lifts heavy things. She runs on broken ankles. And can walk on her hands. Together we ran our first marathons - a memory I will always cherish.

Kara is the one who converted me to hot cookies. After Talmage, she was the first to supply me with cookie dough. For this I will be forever grateful. I know it is a silly little thing but at that time silly little things were the only things holding me together. And besides the idea of hot cookies is spreading. The Ashley Inn provides cookies and milk at 8pm every night - totally our kind of hotel.

The hotel lady even put Kara to work refilling the milk when her phone started ringing off the hook. Which is another thing I love about Kara - she is one that gets things done. 

The final thing I have to mention about Kara is that she is a Mother.  And I say that with a capital M because this girl was sent to this earth to be a mother. She loves her three children fiercely but it doesn't stop there. I have seen her love and nurture every child who has crossed her path. There does not have to be a biological bond for her to take a child into her home and into her heart - she welcomes them all. 

And just some more photos of her awesomeness!

Climbing trees.

Butterfly landings.

Toe touches.

Tandem riding.

Kara was the only one who could master driving the tandem - she gave us all a fun ride.


Kara Bowman said...

I'm honored and embarrassed. I love you Cyndi! Thanks for everything. You've been a inspiration to me and i to cherish so many memories!! Can't wait to make more soon!

Jo said...

I think Kara is a superwoman!