July is here...

 And this is what we are doing:


 We spent the last weekend of June in Utah for a Taylor family reunion... I forgot my camera which was a sad thing. So I tried the whole don't bother documenting everything and just enjoy the moment kind of thinking. And it is a fact - I enjoy the frantically taking photos of everything  in life approach better and will continue in that practice.

Here are a few phone shots of Blake and I attempting to "Hike the Y" with four children. We made it halfway, found out everyone's legs were hurting, turned around, and found some ice cream instead.
(Not my kid - but such a cutie!)

(This one I can claim - he's a cutie too especially once we found him his very own BYU shirt at the D.I.)

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Britt said...

A hike that ends in ice cream is a good hike, IMO.