Jaci is the type of girl that other girls hate.

She wakes up with perfect hair.
She eats chips for breakfast yet weighs like 100 pounds.
She looks adorable in sweatpants and therefore can get away with wearing them everyday.
She is naturally tan.
She has a beautiful family - seriously, someone should give them a modeling contract.

But I don't hate Jaci because although she is all those things she is completely unaffected by it.

Out of all my sisters, I am probably the most like Jaci personality wise.

We both appreciate an organized-by-color box of crayons.

We didn't get the become-BFF's-with-strangers gene that my other sisters have.

We are wimps when it comes to cold water.

We love to snoop - I was so excited to take her on a hike to an old abandoned cabin because I knew she would love exploring it.

Working-out (and eating often) keeps us from becoming ornery .

 We are quiet on the outside but total goofballs on the inside.

 And we both like to make our kids to think we are awesome. The whole trip I was scouring the ground looking for a four-leaf clover to bring home because I knew it would totally thrill my kiddos. And the whole trip she kept saying, "I need a picture of me sliding down the banister - my kids would think it is so cool!"


Jo said...

All your sisters are so beautiful inside and out!

jaci said...

thank you so much Cyndi...if I could blog about u I would tell everyone that u are just perfect in every way-I can't ever think of anything negative about you!