Dear Blake,

Thank you for agreeing to watch the kids for an extended weekend so I can go party with my mom and sisters. This being the first time that you have had sole responsibility for all the kiddos for more than a few hours I thought I would help you out.

You know how each day you go to work and you spend the entire day organizing lines of data into pretty little rows. And the numbers all add up and the equations all make sense. And you run a few macros and you get a few graphs and it is all very neat and formulated and oh so very clean...

Well the next 62 hours will be nothing like that. Over the next 3 days, nothing will be organized, nothing will make sense, and nothing will be clean.

So now that you have a clear idea of what is ahead - let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

Food: The kids need to eat. Fielding will remind you of this often (so much so that you will threaten that if he says, 'I'm hungry!' one more time he will get a timeout). 
Breakfast - you are a pro at this. 
Lunch - PB&J, quesadillas, fish sticks, mac-n-cheese, chips and cheese, smoothies, or bagel sandwiches. 
Dinner - Pizza? Pancakes? I don't know what else you can cook. Maybe repeat breakfast/lunch options. Or just show up at your mom's around 5pm.

Clothes: Please don't let the kids run around naked (especially in the front). Swimsuits are a great option and count as clothes unless you need to go to the store. 

Poop: It happens. A lot. Change Perry. Help Fielding wipe. Pray you don't step in any.

Chores: I don't expect much... beds made and dishes done (girls can help with both). Paisley needs to do piano for 20 minutes and read for 20 minutes each day. Cosette also needs to do piano - just one time through each song but you have to help her.

Entertainment: Ice cream cones at McDonalds, bike rides, the library (although Perry is turning into a bit of a terror there), Grandma's, kiddie pool, all the random crafts on top of the fridge, and there is a whole room full of toys upstairs (sometimes you have to remind the kids about this).

Calendar: We don't have much planned this weekend which is good (fewer carseat buckling escapades) and bad ("What are going to do now Dad?")

Saturday - 
Nothing is scheduled so have fun figuring out how to entertain 4 kids for the next 12 hours (insert evil mommy laugh).

Sunday -
Church at 1pm: Please bathe the kids before church. They like to pile in the bath together and will ask for ice and/or shaving cream - I recommend saying yes as it will afford you at least a half an hour of peace. After baths put on church clothes (make sure these are not put on too early or they will be stained by the time you hit the chapel). Comb the girl's hair - I would say put in a hair tie but I know this is foreign territory so combing will have to suffice. Don't forget the church bag and be sure to restock the snacks.

Monday - 
Swim at 3:15pm: Have the kids wear swimsuits. Apply sunscreen - go with the the spray kind in the swim bag. I know it is twice as expensive and lasts half as long but it will save you a good 10 minutes and since time = money sanity, just go with it. Open swim goes from 4 - 5, it is the best way to spend the "witching hour" so wear your suit and hop in with the kids. Have an after swim snack handy as they all come out starving.

Tuesday - 
I will be home at 10. Please drop the kiddos off at Kelsey's on your way to work - enjoy your spreadsheets. I am sure they have never looked so good.



Jana Weaver said...

Way too funny! Can't wait to hear how it all turns out for both of you...

HowellAZ said...

Thank you for this great lunch-time entertainment. I agree with time equals sanity. So much truth there. Have a WONDERFUL time and enjoy the moment. Blake will do great. :)