Yesterday my mom turned 65 and for her birthday she wanted a weekend away with her daughters.  We don't like to disappoint mom so we gave her what she wanted and in the words of my big sister, Christy, it was EPIC!

I don't quite know how to blog this past weekend to do it justice.  

A travel-log of what we did - too boring. 

A written summary of the days - too wordy.

A list of all the things that made us laugh - too no-one-else-would-get-our-humor.

So I decided to do something that I have always wanted to do on my blog but have never got around to and spotlight each of my sisters. 

My sisters are amazing women. Each one of them possesses the characteristic I admire most in people - they know how to work hard. They work hard in their homes. They work hard in their jobs. They work hard at their marriages. They work hard in their communities. They work hard in their gardens. They work hard in their church responsibilities. And most of all they work hard at having fun.

I hope as I write about them that you can catch on to the joyfulness that filled our weekend (and see some of the fun that was had).

Let's start with my Big Sis Christy.

As her phone clearly states - this girl was made to sparkle. And she does. Everywhere she goes. Have you ever met someone who is so nice and so kind and so positive and you can't help but think there is just no way she is for reals? That no one is really this good? But all it takes is a few minutes with them to see that they are 100% genuine and you have just met a beautiful soul.

That is Christy - a beautiful soul who:

*Blows dandelion puffs on hikes with the same eagerness of a child.

*Never hits the sand without a shovel in hand.

 *Loves to create (pretzel sticks for fences = genius).

 *Catches monster toads with ease while her sisters squeal in fear around her.

*Always encourages spiritual growth (she made sure we attended the temple together before we left for the mountains).

*Can make anything fun (we drove with our heads between inflated tubes for 5 miles in my mom's car and laughed the entire way).

*Is never afraid to try something new or something old that you haven't done for 20 years.

*Convinces you out of your comfort zone (Just so you don't think we are too weird there were swimsuits on and the bathtub was as big as the hot tub downstairs).

*Is forever young.

Christy lives life to the fullest and I loved witnessing that this weekend. I am trying to emulate some of her vitality and bring it into my home.


AndersonGR8 said...

Yes, that just about describes that big sister of yours. But I didn't see you mention her cooking skills and salsa - but I forget this was a playcation for you lovely ladies

HowellAZ said...

What a wonderful idea! I can tell by the enormous smiles that you all enjoyed your weekend getaway.

Stacey Thompson said...

How fun is that. What an amazing family you have. So glad you made so many wonderful memories.