Boorn Lakes Backpacking Day 3...

Day 3 was basically wake up, pack up, and pack out.

I did take one shot out of our tent door before we put it down. I grew quite fond of this campsite - nice fire pit, right on the lake, and excellent view of the mountains.

Here are some pictures from the top of the ridge after we huffed and puffed it out of the valley.

Blake eating his 12th granola bar of the trip - he kept chowing down in hopes to make my pack lighter for me... so thoughtful.

After hiking back down the ridge, we stopped and fished a bit at Fourth of July Lake on our way out. It felt pretty crowded with the dozen or so people since we had just spent the last two days in No Man's Land.

We hiked the last mile out and found our car. Our legs were pretty tired and we were both absolutely filthy. We drove the 3 and a half hours home, only stopping for a delicious waffle cone piled high with ice cream (we were both having withdraws). Here is the map of our travels - we followed the star to Fourth of July Lakes to Boorn Lakes to Shallow/Scree Lakes and back out again.

It was a wonderful weekend getaway. Awhile back, Britt had posted on her blog about what she would do if she had seven days without seeing another living soul and in return asked what we would do. This was my response:

I would probably go insane. I could handle a day (to meticulously clean my entire house - lame, I know, but that is what I fantasize about) but 7 would be way too isolated. BUT seven days alone with just Blake - that would be awesome! We would hike and swim (we would be on a beach right by the mountains)and eat amazing food and read and play games and most definitely sunbathe naked...

I felt like this backpacking trip was straight out of that dream... yeah, it was a lake not the beach, and we didn't pack in any of our board games, and the sunbathing naked part would never actually happen... but other than that it was an amazing 3 days with my husband. 

10 years later - he is still my favorite person to hang out with.

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Britt said...

I challenge you to sunbathe naked next time.

Wah ha ha ha!