Boorn Lakes Backpacking Day 2...

Blake woke up nice and early on Friday to catch breakfast.

This was the biggest of the fish that we caught on our trip.

We added it to our "omelets in a bag" and hot chocolate and enjoyed warming up by the fire.

We fished some more on "our lake" and I caught my first fish.

Then we set off on an adventure up Devil's Staircase. We bouldered over this mountain by going up where the V is with the small point in the middle. It was intense.

Here is Blake looking awesome at the top!

Here is a view of Boorne Lakes from the top of Devil's Staircase - you can see our red tent on the far right.

Looking down the other side - you can see a small part of Shallow Lake.

 This is the backside of Devil's Staircase - it was very tedious coming down this boulder field.

Over the ridge was Shallow Lake and Scree Lake.

Shallow Lake made my day as my first two casts brought in fish. After that about every third cast for Blake and I landed a fish - It was totally awesome!

We were giddy with excitement over our awesome fishing hole find - totally worth scrambling over the mountain.

We hiked down to Scree Lake - enjoying the lush greenery and stopping to eat lunch.

We would have liked to explore some more over the ridge (there were more lakes farther down) but worried about getting too worn out before our long hike back over the mountain. So we fished a little at Scree Lake as well and then made our way back over Devil's Staircase. Once back in camp Blake bravely jumped in the freezing lake, we took a nap, had our first human interaction for the day with some fellow backpackers, and ate some chips and queso - delicious.

We finished the night by hiking back to the lower Boorn Lakes where Blake first saw the fish jumping. We did some unsuccessful fishing then headed back to camp for our MRE dinner and another round of s'mores before bed.

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