Boorn Lakes Backpacking Day 1...

In honor of our 10 year anniversary this year, Blake wanted to go on a couple's backpacking trip to his favorite destination - the Sawtooths. The couple we were hoping to go with had to back out but since we already had my awesome niece on standby for babysitting - we went for it.

The Sawtooths are under a fire restriction and since Blake knows me and my love of hot camping food, we did a last minute switch up of our location to the White Cloud Mountains (right across the street from the Sawtooths).

We started hiking around 5pm on Thursday. Check out that pack - Blake's weighed in at about 50lbs before halfway through when he lovingly strapped on my sleeping bag as well since I was struggling with my 30 pounder. 

 My pack was full of food - we brought about twice as much as we needed to. Just one of the things we learned on our first double-night backpacking trip.

We hiked 5 miles into our campsite at one of the Boorn Lakes. Here we are on the top of the ridge before we hiked down.

We hiked down into the base of these mountains where the trees start - there are 7 Boorn Lakes and we camped at one of the higher ones.

My Quasimodo shadow as we came down the steep switchbacks off the ridge.

We passed through a meadow where the wildflowers were putting on an amazing show.

There were also dozens of waterfalls.

Here is the first Boorn Lake that we saw - the fish were jumping like crazy and Blake really wanted to stop here and fish but I knew if I took off my pack I would not be able to put it back on.

The first of three deer that we saw - they were not shy and one came right into our camp.

Once in camp, Blake got a fire going so I could heat up our tin-foil dinners and then he got to work fishing.

The sunset was amazing on the mountains and turned them a nice orange.

Blake finished the night by catching his first fish. We ate dinner and s'mores and hiked/fished until nightfall.

It was a great first day!

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