All about Perry...

Took Perry in for his 12 month appointment today. His stats are as follows:

Weight: 20 lbs 9 oz (40th percentile)
Height: 30 1/4 inches (75th percentile)
Head: 46 cm (50th percentile)

A few things you should know about Perry:
*He has gorgeous skin - everyone always comments on his tan (I promise I use sunscreen).
*His knees are a constant brownish/gray color and covered in callouses from crawling everywhere.
*He loves being outside.
*He lives on my hip - it is his favorite place to be.
*His eyes are a dark blue and have a cool reflective quality to them.
*He can point, wave, clap, and fold his arms for prayers.
*He says, "Uh-oh", "Mama", "Nana" (banana or any food for that matter), and "Dada."
*His hair is starting to grow - it's blond in case you were wondering.
*He is an OK sleeper - still naps twice a day and he is currently waking up once a night.

*He didn't like his birthday.
 He woke up with this face and repeated it often throughout the day. He was really grumpy yesterday.

We had a small party for him with family and neighbors. He was pretty indifferent about presents so his siblings helped him out.
But he was all about the cupcakes!

My first kid to take his cake smash seriously.

He ate the majority of his cupcake and put on a good show.

We finished the night by doing his favorite things. I took him on a walk around the block in his pink car and let him play out front where he can snatch some of Dad's blueberries.

This baby boy is such a joy. He makes our home happy and my heart content. He reminds me how simple babies are (it's us adults that complicate this parenthood thing). Even with the craziness that four kids is - he has made my life so much sweeter and I wouldn't trade that for a shower by myself, a smoothly-run dinner time, or a full nights sleep.