10 things that made me smile at the Melba parade...

1. Kid-pile on Grandma. (Fielding had a mess of a morning - woke up late for the pancake breakfast, ended up wearing a girl's shirt, and screeched at the thought of mom taking his picture).

2. Brothers and babies and baseball caps.

3. Serious spectators.

4. "I got popcorn! I love popcorn! It is my favorite!" Fielding was thrown a bag of popcorn and he hugged it like it was a long lost friend.

5. Tractors.

6. Flag shirts (in all their variety)!

7. Little salutes.

8. Star hair that had a big wow effect for two little girls.

9. Stilt walkers.

10. Family.

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HowellAZ said...

You got some GREAT pictures! Looks like you had a lovely fourth. Give that one year old a big hug from us. Can't believe a year has gone by already!