Utah Valley Marathon...

After watching Blake and my dad finish the Phoenix Marathon, I got caught up in the frenzy and signed up for the Utah Valley Marathon that was 15 weeks away. I blame my moment of irrationality partly on Blake (he kept waving the course elevation map in my face saying, "You could do this.") and partly on my father (60-year-old marathoner = very inspiring). 

So it is only fitting that today, on Father's Day, I dedicate this post to them.

To my Dad, who put me into motion.
To Blake, who inspires me to be still.

At the start - cold and tired. We had to wake up at 3am to catch a bus just so we could sit and wait in a field by some fire pits for 2 hours listening to old hippies swap running stories. The finishes of marathons inspire me; however, the starts just make me shake my head and think, "Wow - runners are a bunch of fools."

At the end - hot and hurting (and getting some much-needed support from my kiddos). There is only one word to describe marathons - brutal. I plan and prepare and train and think "I got this!" and then I hit mile 20 and I am pretty sure there is just no way I can gimp through 6 more miles. It was a 1000 times awful and I vowed no less than a dozen times during the race to never run one again.

 But then I hit the finish and they put a silly medal around my neck and before I can down my liter of post-race chocolate milk, my mind starts telling lies, "That wasn't that bad." "You really did it." and "I bet you could do better if you just trained a little harder/went out a little slower/found a flatter course." So I will probably be back another day but not for awhile because although my mind has forgotten the pain, my quads have not - I had to sit on my rear and slide down the stairs today.

 I am proud of our finishes. Blake came in at 3:32 and I came in at 4:26. We forgot to get a post-race picture so here we are in the car after a shower and on our way to a total feast at 5 Guys. NOTHING taste better post-race than a bucket full of fries with a burger on the side.

 And props to Utah Valley Marathon for putting on an awesome (and totally insane) kids 1K run. The kids all scored shirts, race packets, numbers, and medals - which are important things when you are the children of runners.

 I know this because I am a child of a runner. Happy Father's Day Dad. I love you.

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AndersonGR8 said...

Congrats on a great marathon finish - any finish is a great finish and you did it! I am sorry to inflict this insanity(runner's mentality)on my children. You in this one, your brother Chad at the Seattle Rock and Roll this coming weekend. You notice your father is only doing the 1/2 in that one with Kara, Heather and Jess. My kids inspire me in more ways than running.