The kids...

 Paisley is excited for her last week of school - actually I think she is a little disappointed. She loved first grade and adored her teacher to no end. When not at school, she is usually biking the neighborhood with her friends. She also loves reading her joke book out loud, plinking around on the piano, and coming up with endless arts and crafts. 

Cosette finished up her preschool today. She loved Mrs. Mandy and really learned a lot this year. She can read a lot of sight words and tries to spell out any word that I throw at her. She got moved up to Paisley's old bike and loves the bigger wheels and how fast she can go now. Fielding and her have been getting along a little bit better which is really awesome - they play "Wedding Party" where they make cupcakes out of playdoh, go get dress ups on, and walk around packing all sorts of random things into their backpacks. It is a messy game but totally worth it since they can play it together.

Fielding has a new pose for photos. He is loving summer and I keep him running outside as much as I can. He rides his bike hard trying to keep up with the girls and so far shows the most promise in the cycling department. He decided to be done with Pull-ups so I can officially say he is potty-trained day and night - although the other day at Grandma's we were in the back playing and he said he needed to go potty. I saw him go in and come back out and didn't think much of it until Grandma told me he rushed out the front door and pee'd on her front lawn. WHAT?!? He is a boy - a total boy.
 Perry got all four top teeth in and has cheered up considerably. He is sleeping through the night pretty consistently and doing better with napping (I am also trying to be home more for his napping). He is scooting around furniture and on Sunday he stood unassisted for the first time for a good 30 seconds. He has a bad habit of using his new teeth to bite my shoulder whenever I hold him and those suckers are sharp! He is getting really tan even though he is the kid who spends the least amount of time outside. He still loves to ride in the pink car but is getting more adventurous and usually spills out while in it.

The kids and I are excited for Summer. Lots of water, lots of parks, and lots of smoothies! I am excited for a few weeks off from homework and classes and activities. I know come August I will be ready for the structure but for now we are going to live in our swimsuits and just take it easy.

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