Since I turned 30 this year, I have had a lot of people inquiring, "Are you OK with it?"

I am.

In fact, I am happy to be 30. Previous to June, I disliked when people would ask me my age and once I told them they would look at me like I was ridiculous because I had 4 kids in my 20's. 

But 4 kids in your 30's - it's not so bad.

So 30 is pretty sweet; however, there are a things about getting older that I could live without:

*Old Navy $1 flip-flops no longer provide the required arch support I need (which is so sad).

*I have one really big wrinkle right between my eyes where I furrow my brow when stressed, exposed to full sunlight, or hangry - because of my current lifestyle my face is often in this position. My skin used to bounce back and the wrinkle would disappear - now it doesn't and it is a permanent feature on my face.

*Late nights really take their toll. Blake and I didn't arrive home until 1:30am on Saturday from Utah and I am still feeling the repercussions.

*I crave salad.

*I get dizzy easily. This weekend, Blake and his brothers were spinning the kids by their arms. Then they had the good idea to try and spin each other - it didn't work. Then Blake wanted to spin me - it worked. 5 rotations and I wanted to puke my guts out.

*I am getting awfully sentimental - I almost cried today thinking about this being the last week that I measure Perry's age in months instead of years.


Shelby Olson said...

You are doing/looking great! Go go hot mama! Everyone should look so good after having babies!

Britt said...

I have that same wrinkle! I've been trying to look more pleasant to prevent it from getting worse!