My dad called and left a message saying, "It must be naptime; but wait, Taylors don't nap so you must have missed my call for some other reason."

It's true. These Taylors are not big nappers. All of my children gave up naps before the age of 3. Blake and I occasionally power nap for 10 minutes on the living floor (usually with children crawling on top of us) but other than that we save our sleep for bedtime.

So currently Perry is my only napper. He is still on the two-a-day schedule but I am guessing that will probably be changing here soon. He takes one nap usually in the car and one nap in his bed. His bed-naps last around 2 hours so I try to make good use of the time that he is not crawling around biting my ankles (he does this ALL the time).

I often have a friend over for the older kids or they play there go-to "wedding party" game. Lately, it seems that I have a good hour or so chunk to take care of things so I try really hard to use this time wisely. The only problem is that I have so much that I would like to "take care of" that I often run around crazily doing fits and bursts of some things but never really finishing anything.

For instances, today's naptime consisted of the following:
*Getting the older kids set up to ride bikes out front with friends.
*Mad-dashingly cleaning the living room.
*Purging half the toys in the toybox as I am mad-dashing.
*Pulling out the toilet-paper package from Costco so the kids can ruin my freshly-cleaned living room with toilet-paper towers.
*Switch the laundry over.
*Wash dishes.
*Get interrupted on dishes to break-up fights over who has the most toilet paper rolls.
*Start dishes again.
*Break up more fights - order the TP to be put away and send all the kiddos out back.
*Get the mail - read fun birthday cards from Grandma Rucker and my mom.
*Sit down at computer to blog.
*Kids bored with backyard - want to go out front again.
*Send kids out front.
*Sit back down to blog.
*Hear Fielding crash and go outside to kiss skinned knees and put the chain back on his bike.
*Hear how squeaky front door closes behind me - go find WD-40 and spray down door frame.
*Bring leftover birthday cupcakes out for kids in order to keep them happy.
*Get drinks and wipes.
*Help Fielding go potty.
*Sit under tree, open laptop to blog, and Perry wakes up.

I go back and forth on whether I should use naptime for what I should do or what I want to do so most the time I try to squeeze in both and it often looks just like what I described above. Start - stop - switch tasks - get distracted - help the kids - start - stop - start - Oh he's awake. 

No matter how it plays out, it usually is over before I know it and I am back to having Perry snapping at my heels. 

At least he is the cutest Perrito around:

He loves climbing laundry mountains at the moment.

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