It's beginning to look a lot like summer...

Garden-fresh strawberries at every meal (much to Perry's delight).

Water-balloon babies.

 Don't bother with actual water balloons - use real balloons. They last 10 times as long and are 10 times easier to fill.

I give my kids each 5 and they will carry their last surviving one around for about an hour before giving in and popping it.

Pool parties.

We upgraded our pool. We went from the $9.99 to the $19.99 one - it made a world of difference.

Now we all fit when the neighbors come over.

Cosie loves her hat-towel (A baby gift for Paisley that got packed away for a few years). I need to make one for each kid - they were all jealous.

 Last day of preschool.

Last day of school.

 Paisley cried and cried saying good-bye to her teacher. She loved Mrs. K.!

End of school silly-string fights.

The tree lost.

We are excited for SUMMER!

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