Cana's house...

We have a ritual where on the way home from a trip or after a fun day we ask each kid their favorite part. On the way home from Utah, we asked each kid their favorite part of our whirlwind trip and the unanimous response was "Cana's house!"

 It was an awesome cousin party filled with: A delicious pasta dinner - thank you Jennette for the carbo-load. Backyard s'mores - thank you Jake for your boy-scout skills. Giant bathtub full of cousins. Matching t-shirts. Movie night (Perry's first taste of popcorn). And a sleepover in the living room.

Thank you Rich and Jennette for watching the kids the morning of the race. It was so nice to know they were in good hands.

And the best part is we get to go back in a few weeks for a family reunion which equals an even bigger cousin party.

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