BYU Alumni 5k and other fun things...

Saturday morning we followed the convoy of minivans over to one of our church buildings where the kids got to participate in a 5k run that the Boise chapter of BYU Alumni put on each year.

Cosette ran and rode in the stroller for a mile of it while Fielding rode his bike next to me. Blake pushed Perry in the stroller while Paisley ran the full-course next to him. Paisley hasn't ran much since the last 5k she did in November so Blake really had to encourage her in route. She finished strong and after she crossed the finish line she burst into tears - she worked hard for those 3.1 miles. Today, she was sure to point out just how sore her thighs were - she had a nice post-race walk going on.

Just trying to brainwash our children into being runners...
 one race at a time.

Afterwards, the older kids and I went to the Summer Reading kick-off at the library. I love the library! We basically had this little beauty to ourselves:

Plus a bounce house, carnival games, and all-you-can-eat-popcorn which Fielding consumed pounds of. And we got signed up to win prizes all Summer long as we do some reading.

After the library, we got some yard work done, the kids and I made bird houses, and we went to Walmart to buy gallons of ice cream. Blake put together an ice cream party for my birthday and we enjoyed the evening with good friends, lots of treats, and a pinata in the effigy of me (I couldn't really see the resemblance but Cosette insisted it was there).

Once the guests started clearing out some of our friends that were over wondered if we were up for a game. And since the answer to that question is always yes - we did that too. They needed food first and we needed to do bedtime. They came back with a box of mac-n-cheese (the high-class Annie's brand) and inquired if we were on that level yet - as in were we good enough friends for them to borrow our stove and a 1/4 cup of butter to make some cheesy noodles at 9pm? Blake said yes as long as they shared.

It was a breakthrough in our friendship and a great way to end a great day (except I lost Agricola to Blake by 1 point - so close it hurts).

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