30 is how old I am today!
29 Relief Society activities I planned in the last 3 years (just got released from that calling on Sunday).
28th place is what I took in the State Golf Tournament in High School, which just so happens to be dead last.
27 nieces and nephews (plus one on the way).
26.2 miles I ran in a marathon (I vowed it would be my one and only but in 9 days I will be running another - eeks!).
25 pound bags of wheat will be the only inheritance I receive from my parents.
24 eggs are bought each week.
23 is the average number of texts I send/receive in a day.
22 was the age I was when my first child was born.
21 boys I kissed before finding Blake (not proud of that one).
20 dollars is what I pay the babysitter.
19 years that I called Washington home.
18 blog posts written on average per month.
17 hours awake per day.
16 hours awake per day that some child is touching me.
15 pairs of shoes currently sitting in my closet.
14 loads of laundry that I do each week.
13 times that I have been concernedly asked if I have an eating disorder (The answer is no).
12 miles is the total of miles I have ever rode on a bike and all of those took place before the age of 10.
11 brothers-in-laws and sisters-in-laws.
10 years of marriage to the man of my dreams.
9 minutes per mile is my average running pace.
8 is the number of children I used to want.
7 brothers and sisters.
6 is the number of children I now want (depends on the craziness of the moment if that number includes Talmage in the count).
5 hot cookies consumed each night.
4 car wrecks (3 with cars and 1 with a rose bush).
3 trips to the thrift store per week.
2 alcoholic beverages consumed (both in one sitting and I hated everything about it).
1 full house of kids - the dream I always had which is now my reality.

That's a lot of candles on my cake!


Jana Weaver said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! What a fun way to learn a little more about you.

Blake and Laura said...

Happy birthday, Cyndi!

Kara Bowman said...

Happy birthday. I laughed so much! I learn something new about you all the time! This might be my favorite post. All about you my wonderful littlest sister!! You are amazing, I love you lots and miss you more. Let those kids spoil you.

Matt said...

Happy Birthday!!!

HowellAZ said...

Holy Cow Cyndi - welcome to the 30's!!! Love ya girl!

The Thompson Family said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Welcome to the 30's! Love to you all.