Welcome home Elder Taylor...

 Blake's little brother, Jake, returned home from his 2-year mission for our church to Germany yesterday.

Blake convinced me that Jake needed a German flag cake so I delivered because I like to impress my husband.

Here's Jake a few hours later after he had officially been released from his mission and was able to take off his name tag and put on this "What do I do with my life now?" face.

 I don't think that it is some small thing that the 18 and 19 year-old youth of our church postpone college, personal ambitions, and career advancement to dedicate 18 to 24 months of their lives solely to Christ. When Jake left two years ago, I told him, "I know everyone expects you to go on a mission. It's what your dad did - It's what your brothers did - It's what a lot of your friends are doing. But I think it is huge and brave and very obedient of you - two years is no small thing and I admire you for giving up so much." Jake served well the people of Germany and we are glad to have him back.

Uncle Hank and Aunt Micah came from California to help welcome Jake home. They brought Baby James which thrilled my girlies!

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