Thanks Mom...

When I think about the why and when and how I decided to be a mom, specifically a SAHM, I can't help but think that, like all things in life, it started with my mom.

This is my mom. 

If I was asked to introduce my mom at some fancy banquet, this is what I would say:

Today we are honored to have with us Connie Anderson, or more appropriately, Mom. Mom is the mother of 8 children and the grandmother of 29 grandchildren. She can turn a leftover baked potato and a dozen eggs into a five-start meal. She can turn a set of sheets into 5 matching nightgowns with bonnets. She can entertain a dozen toddlers with nothing more than a mismatched sock. For the past 45 years, she has mothered her children, her grandchildren, and many others who have crossed her path.

I know it is nothing fancy. No awards won. No titles. No prestige.

But it works because my mom is nothing fancy.  (And I mean that in the most loving way possible.) She's just mom and although she does not call upon herself the attention of the world - she is still the one I call when I need to talk.

It is because of my mom that becoming a mom was not a choice for me. As I watched her, I knew that someday I would do the same. She made being the mom look simple. She was focused, purposeful, and happy. I never sensed a discontentment that she was home - I couldn't imagine her wanting to be anywhere else.

So I try to be content here at home, with my own. So they too can feel the stability that comes from growing up knowing that I am here. 

Mom is always here.

Thanks Mom.

I love you.


connie said...

You are the best writer,daughter and mom. Never give up your writing, it is even better than your rinning 15 moles

Britt said...

1. This is a beautiful tribute to your mom!

2. Your kids have cookie cutter smiles!

HowellAZ said...

You really are great with words. I am always impressed with how you put your thoughts together. Hope your Mother's Day was fabulous!