Taylor mini-reunion...

We had a Taylor-rific weekend! All of Blake's brothers came to town with their wives and their kiddos. Games were played, yummy food was eaten, and multiple conversations were had concerning who could do the most push-ups.

Friday, Blake came home early (HALLELUJAH!) and we got to spend some time with Hank and Micah and their little guy. We played games and had a birthday/welcome home party for Jake.

Saturday the guys all went disc golfing which sounds like a casual thing for brothers (and fathers) to do. But trust me, there is nothing casual about it - the competition was fierce and I think Blake would be surely disappointed if I failed to mention that he came out victorious.

The course is at Ann Morrison (the best park in town) so I took the kiddos and let them roam.

Cosie had her dance recital that day so we took a break for that (she did great - more on that later) and then joined back up with the Taylors for... you guessed it... more games.

Sunday we gave Jo the Mother's Day present of the-whole-family-is-here family photo. Next time, we will make sure the neighbor we grab to snap the shot can see through a tiny viewfinder. Out of the 10 shots he took, only two contained all of us. The rest contained half the group and lots of wall.

We did the church thing and got to hear Jake speak about his time in Germany and then came home for cousin-fun. Which just so happens to be my favorite brand of fun there is.

And just to make it clear to those competing Taylor boys, as this picture illustrates, when it comes to "Who's your favorite uncle?" 

Rich wins.

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