Spring dance recital...

Cosie did so well this year with Mrs. Bri's dance class. She loved Wednesdays and we never had any issues while there (except for maybe stinky me arriving from the gym with an always tired Perry and a hungry Fielding - but Cosie she was fine). I loved watching her smile through each class and am so grateful we gave this dance thing another shot. It didn't hurt that Hadley and her were in the same class always right next to each other doing the same thing.

On Saturday, she had her recital. She acted like it was no big deal... and rocked it. I am proud of her and the confidence that she has gained.

She did two dances - a ballet dance to I See The Light and a tap dance to Hot, Hot, Hot. My favorite was the Rapunzel dance - they looked like a bunch of little yodelers up there.

Way to go Cosette - I am so happy that you found something that makes you so happy!

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Kara Bowman said...

Thanks I've been waiting for this post! Your girls are amazing and talented. Just like their momma. Tell Cosie I wish I would of been there.