I came out from getting dressed this morning to this:
Fielding had opened up the RISK box that had been left out from the night before, laid out the board, and was "reading" over the rules.

He gets it from his father.

Blake has been waiting the two years since Jake left to pull out the DUNE board game, dust it off, and spend the next two hours just setting it up.

I am a self-proclaimed board game geek but even so this game is way beyond my nerdhood. They pulled it out at 10:30 and when they went to bed at 2:30am they had only gotten through 4 rounds of the 18 round game. Blake assures me that now that they are "freshened up" on the rules, it will go faster - I doubt it.

But I am glad that between Blake and I, we are raising the future generation of RISK fans.

They "played" this game all morning... best toy I have brought out in a long time.

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