My thousandth post giveaway - CLOSED...

Six and half years ago, on a warm January afternoon (it was in Arizona - hence the warm in the middle of winter) I sat down at our big old desktop computer and wrote my first blog post. It was nothing fancy and at the time I cared more about the "look" of my blog than about my writing/photos. That first month of blogging, I am pretty sure I changed my background and cover photo almost daily as I tried to find the perfect scrapbooky look of cuteness that I wanted my blog to convey. I never could get it right so I eventually settled on a minimalist theme, kept it white, and I haven't changed it since. Slowly, the photos on my blog became more meaningful - I wanted all our family and friends to be able to "see" my kids growing even though we were far away. I became religious in my posting (once on Monday for my old series Monday Moms and once again before the weekend). My writing changed and improved as I found my voice - my beginning posts do not sound the same as my posts today.  And I made a rule that I would never apologize on my blog (no I am sorry I haven't posted in so long or I am sorry that this might be boring). I would write what I wanted to/when I wanted to -  I would be writing for me.

And boy have I written. Today is my 1000th post! 

I had no idea I would embrace this form of documenting/sharing/writing.

I am often asked why/how I blog so much.

It's because I love it. A thousand posts later - I still love it.

So to spread the love on this momentous occasion, I am doing something I have never done before - I am having a giveaway!


I am giving away one custom BIRTHDAY IN A BOX! to someone with enough gumption to leave a comment. You pick the theme/colors/age and I will create the rest (the pictures are of Perry's upcoming birthday paraphernalia, just to illustrate the awesomeness of these prizes :) These boxes store well and can be pulled out at a later date for an instant birthday party.

Your BOX will include:

1 custom freezer-paper stenciled t-shirt (number or initial)

2 ten foot strands of ruffly streamers (2 or 3 colors)

12 custom cupcake toppers (or brownie toppers if cupcakes are in short supply)

8 custom invites or thank you cards with envelopes

1 custom Don't Eat Pete game plus a bag of small candy treats

2 packs of balloons, candles, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers, and anything else I can find to throw in to make it awesome.

The giveaway will close on Friday and the winner will be announced on my blog. To enter you must leave a comment or I guess you could try your luck with ESP. The winner will be randomly selected. If you don't know what to say - just tell me your favorite thing you've ever received in the mail.

Good luck and thanks for reading!


Kristen said...

I think I found your blog through your comments on fluentbrittish (I have no idea how I found her blog). You are already my party guru, and I plan to use your birthday posts for ideas in the future. My son is 15 months, and I wasn't impressed with my efforts for his first birthday. Maybe the second one can be much more awesome! (And I probably need to plan it waaay in advance).

Britt said...

^^^That comment makes me smile. We have peeps! Who knew?

Shelby Olson said...

Me me me! And I don't know what my favorite thing I've received is. The funniest thing I ever got was in 6th grade a boy who I had been in class with the year before had moved to Puerto Rico and we were "bf/gf" so on Valentine's day he sent me a bracelet that said Puerto Rico $5 to buy myself chocolate. It made me laugh then and it still makes me laugh now.

Jana Weaver said...

I love that you continue to blog regularly. I always loved your Monday Moms; they continue to inspire me.

My favorite things to get in the mail or always photo books or calendars!

Blake and Laura said...

I love your blog, Cyndi! I'm a terrible commenter but I always read your posts and love to see your babies growing up.

AndersonGR8 said...

You had me at Brownie Toppers but only if you do the making! Love the posts but love you, Blake and the kiddos even more. Come lock my bathroom door and take a nice long shower while I teach the kids some new tricks to pull on their mom.

Sara said...

My poor child... She turns one before Perry and I'm pretty sure the extent of my planning is that I'm going to give her a cupcake to eat and maybe invite friends over. Seeing your birthday box reminded me that maybe I better go buy some streamers and balloons. :) Thanks for sharing your voice as an amazing mom! Oh- I'm pretty sure my favorite thing I've ever gotten in the mail was my 22nd birthday and my sister sent me a Camelbak backback. I've had some pretty good mail days but that one was pretty stinkin' good.

HeidiT said...

Oh how fun! And so appropriate since my 3 yr old tells me every.single.day what new theme she wants for her next birthday...which isn't until October! I love your ideas and how special you make it for your kids.

Crystal said...

Of all the weeks to go to the beach and not have internet access. lol But seriously...I almost shed a tear when Sara said the camelbak was her favorite thing. I had totally forgotten that I got that for her, but I now remember really building it up and telling her how much she was going to love the surprise I was sending her. :) (I know this is closed...just putting my .02 in before I continue on...playing catch up after being on vacation because I really do love reading your blog! : ).

HowellAZ said...

Dang...how did I miss this giveaway?!? LOL! I love keeping up with your blog. A thousand posts..wow!