Memorial Day Weekend Top 10...

 10. Getting Paisley a new bike so that her knees no longer hit the handle bars. She rode miles this weekend!

9. Putting in a stellar run on the Boise Greenbelt. My last double-digit run before the marathon - tapering has never sounded so good.

8. Finding some sweet robot jamas for Fielding. He walked around "BOO-BOP"-ing for a good 20 minutes.

7. Spending an evening with Blake's college roommate, Blake and his wife and their 3 boys.

6. Eating corn on the cob and burgers... twice. I love summer food!

5. Watching sibling love. The kids played together at home a lot this weekend - here they are being pirates.

4. Remembering Talmage.

3. Wishing Blake back to health. He came down with a fever on Sunday and I was so worried he would be down and out on his day off (the day I have been looking forward to all month) but he recovered (to a degree) and we made today great!

2. Eating ice-cream cones at G-pa/G-ma Taylors.

1. Riding along on an evening bike ride along the river. I can not think of a better way to end our long weekend.

(This kid has to be the world's cutest baby.)

Happy Memorial Day! 

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