Happy Mothers' Day

This is Blake. I'm hijacking love.joy.lane for the morning to list 10 reasons that Cyndi is a great mom (and wife). Many mothers reading this have similar qualifications.

1. She's given birth to 5 children

2. She stays at home and takes the kids fun places like the library, the park, the zoo, etc.

3. She lets them play with non-toys such as rice and pots and pans

4. She cooks delicious meals almost every day

5. She reads to the children often

6. She's changed about 14,600 diapers in the past 7 years, including hundreds of blow-outs

7. She can nurse a baby and run 15 miles on the same day before 10am

8. She takes the kids to church every week, even though sacrament meeting often turns into a wrestling match

9. She tells each member of the family that she loves them every day

10. She makes amazing hot chocolate chip cookies every night

Love you Cyndi!
(Sorry I don't have cute pictures to go with this post.)


Kara Bowman said...

Cyndi is an exceptional mother. And does amazing things. She has taught me to be a better mother To have more patience, be more kind, be creative and many more traits. I love you Cyndi. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

HowellAZ said...

Great post! I especially enjoyed #7...it just illustrates how amazing Cyndi is!