Grimes Creek...

We took the kids camping. It might be our last camping trip for awhile with all four children in tow - we have decided to take up the new hobby of "uncamping" and it is going to be awesome (more on that later).

Back to Grimes Creek. 

We picked Paisley up after school, swung by Micron to grab Blake, and were on our way. The location was awesome since it was only an hour from home and had free dispersed camping right off the road along a big creek. We found a quiet place to ourselves and settled in.

Paisley was there for the wildlife:

Cosette was there for the s'mores. It was all she talked about the entire time and ate 3.5 of them. (That is more calories than she ate for the rest of May combined.)

 Fielding was there for the sticks and the rocks. An unlimited supply + a large body of water to throw them in = blissed-out little boy heaven.

Perry was there for the dirt. I can not even begin to explain how filthy this kid was.

Mom was there for the food. I expanded our tin-foil dinner repertoire, salmon for dinner and breakfast burritos in the morning. Food over a fire makes me happy.

And Dad was there for the kiddos - it is so much work packing, setting up, and keeping everyone satisfied - I am glad that he is willing to make the effort. The kids absolutely love these trips...

 ...up until the point that it is time for bed. Sleeping while camping has reached the status of being non-existant for Blake and I. This morning at 6am, when I gladly was able to escape the confines of the tent with a tired and cold Perry, I told Blake we need to just do all the camping things without the actual camping. He agreed. We have decided to call it uncamping - we will go, we will have the fire, we will eat, we will hike, we will do s'mores, we will pajama the kids, and we will head home. It sounds perfect after our LONG night on the ground and LONG morning of cold/tired kids.


Melanie Nydegger said...

LOVE IT! Super fun to see your growing kids and everything!

Kara Bowman said...

Perfect idea! I wish I would of thought of it earlier. You are a brave and amazing mom to venture out when your kids are little. I think it's great to add these memories to the kids giant book memories. I know many people look up to you and follow your amazing example of being a #1 mom.