FROZEN party...

I didn't even need to ask Paisley what she wanted to do for her birthday this year. I knew that Frozen had stolen her heart and it would be her request. 

But I asked anyway, "What do you want to do for your birthday?" 

"I want an Elsa party!"

Of course - so here it is. Paisley's Elsa party!

Also known as the blue/white/a few snowflakes party.

The decorations:
Cheap after-Christmas clearance snowflakes - perfect!

Cheap wrapping paper and fake snow-in-a-bag at Goodwill - double perfect!

The cake looking awesome:
 It was supposed to have an Elsa figurine on top but I went back and forth on the $50 required to get it - just couldn't do it. Did you know that there is a total Frozen merchandise shortage? Seriously, just go ask the Toys-R-Us people where all their Frozen junk is and they will laugh in your face and say, "Hah - we've been sold out since November."

The cake looking sad:
 My rock candy crystals were too heavy. They would have been fine if I had just waited to place them an hour or even two hours before the party - but five hours pushed it too far... I kick myself for my impatience sometimes all the time.

At least the inside still looked cool.

And tasted awesome. Blake's first comment after he saw that it fell, "You kept the pieces, right?" That's how important this cake is.

The games:
"Bowling for Olaf!" It was a hit.

 "Ice chopper!" I froze treasures in giant blocks of ice and the kids had to crack them out by throwing them and using hot water. The two boys at the party found this the most exciting.

 "Snowball toss!" Just your classic water-balloon toss with blue balloons.

The treasure hunt:
Paisley had to dig blindfolded through a bowl of ice to find the map.

The treasure:
These were supposed to be the goody bag that the kids took home but all the kids just sat down and got to work building their snowman/scarfing down marshmallows.

The little brother: 
 Just because he is cute! 
We can't have a birthday party without sibling drama - this year it was Fielding who was sorely disappointed that none of the presents were for him. We finally fished a sucker out of the candy bucket and told him it was his special gift - it helped a lot.

The guests:
7-year-olds are over-the-top excited when it comes to birthday parties. They ended the night with an ice fight and couldn't have been happier!

It was a great way to ring in the fact that Paisley is 7 and now feels the need to make faces like this when I ask for a picture:

Happy Birthday girly! And just for the record - I think your even cooler than Elsa!

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HowellAZ said...

Holy cow! Your parties make pinterest look uninteresting! I love your creativity. I can't imagine how you can possibly pull together the things you do on a daily basis, let alone a birthday party. And that cake? Well, let's just stay I'm stopping short of asking you to mail me a piece. :) Happy Birthday Paisley! Such a sweet girl.