Eagle Island...

Summer is officially here or at least it feels like it since we made our first trip to Eagle Island for the year.

Fielding and Cosie were giddy with excitement the entire 15 minute drive - I was asked, "Are we were there yet?" no less than 15 times. I am no math genius but even I know that that averages over once a minute. 

Fielding hit the water first. He high-stepped and squealed and thought life was grand.

Cosie was brave and went all in. Which surprised me since it wasn't super warm.

Perry was just along for the ride - actually he screamed to get out of the stroller, then screamed when he hit the sand, and then screamed when I dipped his toesies in. He was not a fan of Eagle Island but I am sure it will grow on him.

I love our first trips of the season (and our last ones). We have the place to ourselves which is so awesome to just let the kids go for it.

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