Blake and I tried our luck at the Wicked lottery yesterday. We didn't win but they did give us an offer that we couldn't refuse so I scrambled up some babysitters and we had a last minute super amazing date.

This was the first time that I have seen it. Blake got me the music a year ago but now it is nice to fully appreciate the songs. I told the kiddos today about the play we saw with a bad witch, a good witch, and a wizard. This sounded awesome in their book so I got away with listening to music in the car today instead of hearing the Frozen soundtrack for the billionth time - it was so great hearing Idina Menzel singing something other than Let it Go.

As far as I can tell, Fielding is my most musical child with Paisley as a close second. Fielding's favorite CD to listen to is Les Miserables also known as "The Bad Guy Songs." The other day we were at a church function where he broke out into a spirited version of "Look Down" and someone asked, "Is he singing Les Mis?" So I got to be the smug mom who was all like "Yea my kid is so cultured." 

Don't worry I hear my fair share of The Wiggles but I have noticed Fielding does love a song with a good strong beat and some dramatic flair.  So to keep him happy while I was getting the last of dinner on the table, I pulled up Defying Gravity on my phone and he was hypnotized by it. The fact that there is a flying green witch definitely sealed the deal on coolness for him.

It is fun introducing your children to things you love and seeing them appreciate them.

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Micah Taylor said...

Yes!! I love Wicked!! Glad you got a good deal and a night out to enjoy such an awesome show :)