My son is napping in my arms.

I should put him down.
I should clean something.
I should be productive.

But I can't.

 He is the fourth baby that has slept in my arms, some would expect the thrill to have faded by now - but it hasn't.

I still marvel.
At the smallness. 
The perfection.
The little grizzly bear snores that come from nostrils not quite mature enough to take on this deep of a sleep.

Or maybe I can't put him down because I know.

I know that he won't fit squished on my lap for too long.

I read an analogy in the book, These is my Words, the other day. She said that she felt that her life was like a book left outside. That the wind caught a page here and there and they turned slowly, until a wind strong enough caught hold of the pages and they flipped and turned in a hurry. 

This is how I view my journey as a young mom. Those days with my first children passed slowly by - we had all the time in the world. People would say, "It goes by so fast." I never believed them.

But the wind has caught. The days are moving by before my eyes. And even if I didn't believe them, they were right.

I just try and enjoy the slower moments when they come - like right about now.

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Kara Bowman said...

Enjoy Every moment!! They are only little once and they are priceless! And never feel guilty about it! All the household chores will wait but children will go no matter what! I love you give all those little ones hugs for me!