This is Fielding. 

He needs a buddy. He tries to play with his big sister but for some reason she always ends up in tears. He tries to play with his little brother but he is still a little bit boring. So he sets his sights on mom:
"Can we read books?"
"Can we play shaving cream?"
"Can we go for a walk?"
"Can we play blocks?"
"Can we go to the park?"

He just wants a friend. And try as I might I am not the best at playing WITH my kids. I am great at giving them things to play WITH but actually sitting down and playing makes my head start rattling down the list of all the things I would like to be getting done.  So sometimes he hears, "Buddy - you just got to go play for a second so I can get _____ done." I have even tried having various friends over for him but all the little boys I know are older than him and they treat him like a baby. Which if you know Fielding at all he does not want to be treated little. 

Right now he is big into sensory play. I have thrown everything at him from rice to water to shaving cream to chocolate pudding. He is messy and the clean-up probably takes longer than the actual playing but it has been nice for him to focus in on something and SIT (even if it is just a few minutes).

In other news, he is potty trained! How it all came about was some silly Superman Pull-ups that I bought on a whim. For some reason, he did not want to pee in those things and it finally clicked for him on how to recognize he has to pee before he actually is peeing. He still wears the Pull-ups to bed but other than that he is down to less than 1 accident per day. 

He has seemed to grown up a lot these past few weeks. He has mellowed out a bit or maybe it is just because I can get him outside running laps more. He talks non-stop and says really awesome things like, "I am a ginormous Power Ranger with samurai powers and a video watch." He still eats all the time and can often be found saying, "I'm hungry!" while holding a banana in one hand and bag of goldfish in the other - feeding him is a full-time gig.

He is a super fun kid who only has one speed... GO!


Cody Kluge said...

I really wish we could get him and Maisie together. Like, everyday. But maybe that would just be a disaster! Even though Maisie is probably closer to Cosie's age, she and Fielding are so much alike.

Britt said...

Yeah, that was me. Cody is NEVER signed in to google. Ever! So that was weird!