April Fools...

Something I really enjoy about my kids getting older is being able to joke around with them. For instance, the other day we were watching a 2-year-old who decided to eat the fruit loops that were glued to the art project on the fridge. I thought this was humorous and knew that Paisley would appreciate it as well. She was in the living room so I said "Paisley - come here and see what Ellie decided to have for snack!" She came in and laughed when she realized what I was pointing at. It was a little thing and I could have easily not bothered showing Paisley but I knew it would make her giggle and was excited to share a laugh with her.

I have always enjoyed the silliness of April Fool's Day and can't let the day pass without pulling some small prank on someone Blake.

So on Tuesday, when the girls got home from dance - I told them I needed their help with making a newspaper wall to trick Dad. They loved every second of it - 

Taping it up, 

eagerly waiting for his arrival, 

and watching him bust through.

 I love the giggles and squeals that result when I stop being the Mom for just a moment and do something unexpected. The result is always worth the effort.

And I pulled a fast one on all the kiddos a few minutes later when they sat down to dinner and grabbed their cups to take a drink of juice and nothing would come up -
Since it was Jello in disguise.

Sometimes it is quite fun to be the mom.


connie said...

Love it. everyone should have a great mom like you

Micah Taylor said...

Ha ha I love it! Good work Cyndi :)