1st grade...

How is that every 1st grader in the history of mankind comes home with the same jokes?

"Mom - It's opposite day! So yes means no and no means yes."

P: "Hey what's your name?"
O: "Oakley"
P: "What's this?" (while pointing to nose)
O: "Nose"
P: "What's in here?" (cups hand together)
O: "Nothing."
P: "Oakley knows nothing!" 
Cue the hysterical laughter.

"Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7, 8, 9!"

I have decided first graders are a blast. Except for a few of those overused jokes, she really is clever and smart and makes me smile everyday.  She still tells me everything - like all the tiny details of her day... who wasn't listening, if she went out to recess or stayed in to help her teacher, how excited she was to eat her hard-boiled Easter egg at lunch. I love hearing about the beautiful world she lives in where the most important aspect of her day is that her favorite color switched from purple to blue, or more specifically aqua.

This past week she had her first experience with trying to navigate the complex waters of friendship. She offended one of her best little friends and knew that she had made a mistake at the expense of her friend's feelings. When I asked her how she thought she could make it right, she wanted to write her friend a letter - it was a beautiful lesson to me on apologizing: "I am sorry that I... I really think that you are... Will you forgive me?"

A sorry. A compliment. And a question asking forgiveness.

Because she is my first she has been the child to teach me the most. Out of all the lessons that I have learned these last 7 years of motherhood, I would say that Be kind is the most important. It is the one I hope my children take away from their childhood - that it is more important to be kind than it is to be right, or to be popular, or to be in charge. It is a lesson I am learning... every single day.

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