I worried about leaving the three older kids for 4 days - that is the longest I have ever left them. Luckily, my sister Christy needed a place to stay while her son participated in the State Wrestling Tournament. So we made a deal - she could have full use of my house as long as I had full use of her awesome teenage girls to nanny my children while I was away.

I don't think my kids hardly noticed that I was gone. They painted nails, played outside, finally got to watch Frozen, had lots of rounds of hide and seek, read books, and did projects. I loved getting daily updates on the happenings.

My sister did have to head back Sunday night so I had to call in some favors and farm my kids out to three different homes for sleepovers.  Once again the kids could not believe their luck -  a sleepover... at a friends... on a school night! Thank you Danielle, Kelsey, and Stephanie - I am so happy that my kiddos felt comfortable enough at your house to crash out!

Fielding was probably the kid that missed me the most - he gave me the best bear hug when I picked him up late Monday afternoon. And the next day he followed me around like a lost little puppy dog and would not let me out of his sight.

I am grateful everything went so smoothly while I was away.

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HowellAZ said...

Love family and friends that so willingly help out with kiddos. Plus, some fun memories are made!