It takes apples, Little Einsteins, and a few threats from mom in order for these two to enjoy a quiet moment together.

Cosette and Fielding do not speak the same language.

She says "Look what I made!" and he says, "I'm gonna wreck it!"

She says, "Let's read books." and he says, "Let me put my feet in your face as a lay across your lap while you attempt to read said book."

She says, "Shhhh..." and he says, "ROOOOOAAAARRRRRRR!!!!"

Every now and then, Cosette really does try to speak his language and says, "Fielding let's wrestle."

I do not enjoy when she attempts this foreign language - it only ends one way... tears... hers.

Fielding truly loves Cosette. It is probably because she is so easy to get a squeal out of. He can not stay away from her for any extended amount of time and a large portion of my day is spent sending them to separate corners. 

When I do find a task that they can both enjoy peacefully I take full advantage of it.

Even if it involves a total disaster of a mess on my kitchen table. This started as Oobleck and ended as a "Rainbow Waterfall." The girls never "played" how Fielding "plays". I am still getting used to it.

Most the time when these two do get along it is because Cosette stoops to Fielding's level and joins him in his mischief making - like breaking all the crayons into bits, or employing their bodies as canvases for sidewalk chalk, or using Perry's bed as a makeshift bounce house.

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Britt said...

Seriously, Fielding is so much like Maisie! They should hang out!