Little big girl...

Yesterday, I walked out front to this:

 I loved the little big-girl moment that I saw. I loved the pedicure session going on right next to the bubbles and dress-up jewelry. 6 years old - kind of big yet still kind of little.

I wonder how this blog will change as my kids got older and I can no longer blog simple things like first steps and preschool graduations. I wonder how I will continue to document our days while giving my children a little privacy. I wonder how they will feel about the fact that I have basically wallpapered this little corner of the internet with their faces - all without ever asking their permission. I wonder how they will feel about every one of their major milestone (and a lot of minor ones) being publicly documented. Sometimes I wonder if they will be mad.

I've already noticed that is harder to write the everydayness of Paisley's days - she's at school a lot, she's become more self-conscience when the camera comes out, and she reads over my shoulder as I type - I knew at some point my children would read this little blog about them, I just didn't realize it would happen so soon.

I hope they know that I wrote it all out of love - even on our bad days - I wrote it for them so that someday when they got babies of their own that they will know that I was once there and I totally get it.

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