I spy something green...

We over-killed Saint Patrick's Day - this had lots to do with entering week 2 of no school for Paisley and the weather taking a frigid turn for the worse.

So we found some green shirts and colored up everyone's hair.

I am pretty sure dying his hair and spiking it up resulted in naughtier behavior for the day - we won't be repeating it.

We made frosting cookies for Dad because we dropped the ball on making these for Valentine's Day...

...and because frosting is fun to lick.

We made Fruit Loop rainbows.

 And ate green Jello with mounds of whipped cream. That's the key to good Jello - a high cream to Jello ratio. And no bananas... or oranges... or carrots.

And my girls reminded me Sunday night that they were so excited for the Leprechaun to come a knocking the next day. I didn't realize this was an important part of green day and had completely forgot about doing it the year before. And when Cosie came bounding into my room at 6:50am the next morning exclaiming, "I can't wait for the Leprechaun to come - I am going to wait by the front door.", I knew something needed to happen. Luckily, we put in a call to Grandma Taylor who just so happens to know a Leprechaun. He came, he knocked, he left prizes... and life was complete for the Taylor kiddos.

Happy green day!

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