Horse days...

I had this big plan for Paisley's birthday to set her up with a horse-riding experience... but I will need to come up with something new because her horsey-dreams were made complete this week as we took advantage of our last week of no school and the kids and I made a quick trip to Eastern Idaho.

Our first stop was Christy's farm where we wasted no time to head out and find the horses.

And Paisley hopped right on bareback like there was nothing to it.

Cosie was pretty fearless about it as well which surprised me.

Fielding was the most hesitant.

He did enjoy a short ride on a few of the horses...
...but preferred searching through the animal graveyard for some "backbones."

It was a pretty magical afternoon for my kiddos.

 The next day was blustery so the girls went with Aunt Christy to bring the horses up to the house so they could come in and warm up between rides.

They helped brush them.

And feed them.

 And this time they slipped on a saddle so they could know how to ride like a real cowgirl.

And if you give Cosie a horse, you are going to need to find some boots to go with it.

Thank you Christy, Taralyn, and Talei for the wonderful horse adventure - spring break couldn't have got much better for this animal-loving girly.

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