5 things about 4 kids...

Paisley is:
*On track break for 3 weeks
*Reading tons of The Rainbow Magic books
*Loving her gymnastics class
*Riding her bike any moment she can
*Memorizing the entire Frozen soundtrack

 Cosette is:
*Loving the warmer weather and the new wardrobe possibilities it brings
*Enjoying her "two dance classes"
*All registered for Kindergarten in the fall and wishes "it started tomorrow"
*Reading short beginner books
*Thriving at her preschool class

Fielding is:
*Wearing underwear (for the moment - until he pees in them)
*Eating everything in sight
*Talking non-stop
*Loving the sandbox
*Sleeping in until 8 - it is heavenly

 Perry is:
*On antibiotics again for a double ear infection (we are discussing tubes)
*Loving table food - he was not a fan of the mushy stuff.
*Hating having to get his nose wiped so much
*Taking lots of baths in the sink while mom cleans the kitchen
*Learning to pull himself up onto furniture

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HowellAZ said...

Love the updates! Looks like they are growing quickly and enjoying the springtime. Hopefully warmer weather will come to stay (for all of us)! Love the green mustaches and St. Patrick's Day activities. You are the best memory-making mom I know.