Too much...

Do you ever think we have too much...
That our life is a little too convenient...
That I can walk a half a block and buy anything I could possibly want at any hour of the day...

I think this happens to me every Christmas. It occurs sometime between Black Friday and the Christmas-Clearance Sale but I always end up thinking 'we want too much.' I live half a block from Walmart - the parking lot has been jam-packed since November. I always think it will clear after Christmas but I always forget about the returning-gifts/gotta-get-the-half-priced-wrapping paper/we-forgot-to-get-Uncle-Steve-a-talking-picture-frame frenzy that continues to fill up the store. It just all adds up to 'too much.' Too much shopping. Too much stuff. Too much money spent. Too much time away from home. Too much wanting.

And I am pointing a finger at myself here as well.

But I am done. I no longer want to be a part of it.

So I am doing something new this month - I am staying home.

I am not the best at staying home. I like to get out. My kids like to get out. One of our go-to places for getting out is the thrift store. We are there a lot. It is like therapy for me. I love walking the aisles looking at hundreds of pieces of junk in hopes of finding the few treasures. I am pretty good at walking out empty-handed but as any thrifter well knows most the time the treasures are just too good to leave sitting on the shelf. So then I am back to the 'too much.' Too much stuff. Too much time wasted. Too much wanting.

My thrifting habit reached an all-time high this past holiday season - while everyone else sought the best Black Friday deal, I hit up the Goodwill 50% off sale and it was AWESOME! It put me on a high that carried through most of December and I was dragging my kids to thrift stores left and right. And I slowly began to notice something - my kids no longer wanted to be home.  Between exercise class, library time, play-dates, Relief Society obligations and our thrift store adventures, we spent most the day away from home. If we were home, my girls would stand aimlessly in the living room asking where we were going next. They had to be directed that now we were staying home and they needed to find something to play with.

And it hit me - I want my kids to love being home. I want it a place that when they come home from school they want to stay. I want it a place that they want to invite their friends over to. I want it a place where their siblings become their best friends. I want it a place that they want to be - not a place they want to leave.

So I am going to start with me. If I can learn to love staying home maybe they can too. I am going to work on projects that have become long forgotten. I am going to read books. I am going to invite friend's over for lunch. I am going to help Paisley with playing the piano. I am going to play matchies with Cosie even though it takes an hour because she always picks the same four cards. I am going to plan naps for Fielding that I do not have to wake him prematurely from. I am going to stay home.

And I am writing this all on here because it is the only way I will hold myself accountable. 

So here is my plan:

I will still go to exercise, the library, friend's houses, and Relief Society meetings because I would be a nut-job if I didn't. But I am not going to go to the store - any store - ever. The only time I will go to the store is if we need milk, bananas, or ice cream - these are Taylor family staples. I will go in, only pick up these items and I will be out. If we need bread - I will make it, I know how. If we need green peppers for dinner - I will find something else to make. If we need deodorant - I will just go tell Blake that he is going to have to stink (don't worry we should have enough for a month). I have a house full of food and stuff and I just want to spend some time here - seeing what I have, using it up, and teaching my kids how to love staying at home.

So you can look forward to some month long posts on my successes and my failures on being content with being home. And that is what it all boils down to - I just want to be content with what I have because in reality I have so very much.


busy bowman said...

I love it! I would do a freezer clean out and I literally went two months with only buying the necessities! MILK, BREAD (no I do not make it well enough or enough to feed my family!), EGGS. I loved it like you I wanted to go one month just eating what was in the house and then it became a challenge to see how long I could go! Can't wait to see how it goes for you!!!

Cassidy said...

Confession. I love your blog. I'm fully aware of the fact that we don't know eachother, but I am convinced we are practically the same person. Thrift stores- hands down, my favorite place to be. My drug of choice is Salvation Army. In fact, 3 days ago, I dragged my kids there for the 50% off sale on my way to urgent care because Porter had a fever. Mother of the year... goes to me. BUT, I did get some pretty awesome things:) The holidays wiped me out, so we are also going on our second week (mostly) of detoxification, and staying home. It's great. We've done a whole lot of playdough, princess dressup, and don't break the ice. I have loved it. I fully support your detox month- have fun. Good luck. p.s. can we be friends? :)

Jo said...

I found a website you might get some great stay-at-home entertainment ideas from: http://heathernow.blogspot.com/

She calls it "Raising Memories"

You are good at that.