My stay-home-and-get-it-done list...

Yesterday we needed milk and ice cream and bananas... so I went to the store. I was good at getting in and out - but I rarely linger in grocery stores. I always got my trusty list in hand (until Fielding manages to grab it and chew it to nonexistence) and we go fast. In fact this little challenge has proven to be not much of a challenge as far as groceries go (I am sure that might change a few weeks down the road) but I must admit I am suffering from thrift-store withdraws.  My car is conditioned to pull into their parking lots so now I have to force it to go directly home. 

But I am fiercely checking items off my project list which does feel pretty darn good.

1. Remove all red-accents in living room (which means sand/paint/sew them all blue/green to match new color scheme)
2. Make family mission statement into something cute enough to hang on the wall
3. Make a birthday wreath
4. Make a Minnie Mouse dress-up for Cosie's birthday
5. Deep clean all the bathrooms (2 out of 3 - next week we will bravely venture into the the long-forgotten upstairs bathroom)
6. Use up lots of craft stuff doing projects with the girls
7. Get the next size of clothes out of the bins for both the girls
8. Put away too small clothes
9. Figure out how to paint and bead board my kitchen up
10. Find a book that is so good I stay up all night reading it
11. Get the million of Legos organized in a non-eye-twitching manner
12. Repaint top of kitchen table
13. Teach Paisley a new song on the piano
14. Start formatting my 2010-2011 blog book
15. Clear the pantry of nastiness such as this. Use it up or throw it out:
*We bought this our first year of marriage - that means we moved it with us at least twice. Expires 2006 - that was 6 years ago!!! But it tasted ok except for the black specks in it...

JK - I chucked it.

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