Memory 2...

September 20, 2010

My second memory of Talmage is from the first formal ultrasound where we learned that we would be evening up the score - IDENTICAL TWIN BOYS!

Previous to this pregnancy, Blake and I were all about having 'surprises.' We did not want to know the gender of our babies until we were able to see it with our own eyes - up close and personal.  My favorite moments from Paisley and Cosette's births were when Blake would look at me in that intimate way and proudly pronounce "It's a girl."

After the news that we were having twins, I felt that I had been surprised enough and wanted to know all I could about these two babies as fast as I could. Blake tried to convince me otherwise - but I was adamant so we went off to the first ultrasound eager to hear to the news.

Blake wanted a boy and girl - he was fearful that two boys would just be too competitive with each other (Taylor boys are known to make a competition out of anything so his fears did have a sound base). I, on the other hand, was wishing for two identical boys - because I wanted boys and identical twins - how cool is that? 

When the ultrasound technician eventually told us the correct genders (we were first told boy/girl), we were thrilled. I do remember feeling somewhat letdown with how this news was presented to us and promised myself that no matter the situation - I will always leave learning my babies' sexes for the day of their birth. Nothing compares.

Because of how our situation turned out I am grateful that I was able to 'know' Talmage just a little bit more as I dreamed of our how our life would change with the addition of these 2 boys. They were the perfect addition to our family.

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