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For their Christmas present, I wanted to enroll the girls into a ballet class. They have been enthralled with the idea of a ballet class ever since Grandma Anderson showed them videos on YouTube of ballerina recitals.  I found this great class through a community ed program and the girls had their first classes yesterday.

They did awesome. We sometimes have problems with "being a little bit shy" but both girls jumped right in when it came time to dance (they are in separate classes).

They were ready hours before we actually needed to leave. There was so much excitement in the air - mommy included.

I was mostly worried about Cosie because she has anxiety with strangers. Thank you to her teacher for welcoming her in so she felt comfortable right from the start.

There is nothing cuter than 2-3 year-olds dolled up in dance clothes doing a Congo line. I could not stop smiling at them.

I loved how well Cosie followed directions. I could see how hard she was trying.
Paisley watched eagerly from the hall with me. She sashayed and twirled up and down the hall waiting for her turn.

At the end of her class, Cosie handing off her hard-earned stickers to mom. She did get a little bit sad when she had to stop dancing and wait with me during Paisley's class.

Paisley rocked it.  She is a stickler for rules so she followed every command with exactness.

She impressed the teachers with her strength and coordination. This girl definitely has an athlete inside of her.

We headed outside in a brief snowstorm

And mom was in such a good mood at all of this - that we drove next door for lunch at Pie Hole. Which really is a hole of a restaurant that sells pizza by the slice. The girls thought they had died and gone to heaven. 

Fielding got to tag along for all morning adventures. He shook his booty (this boy loves to dance) in the hall while waiting for Cosie's class, slept during Paisley's class, and loved munching off of mom's plate at Pie Hole. Thanks for always being so patient with being dragged along!

We finished off the fun with a few skittles out of the machine on our way out the door - to which Paisley had to exclaim, "Wow - you never buy us these!"

It was a great dance day and we can't wait to do it again next week.

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