Day 4...

4 days - no store. So far so good.

I know it has only been a few days but I honestly can say that last year I doubt that there was ever a 4-day period without some sort of store trip.

We are doing good at home. I have completed two projects off my list (which I will be posting soon). I am pretty sure every dress-up we own has been worn and I will be surprised if we have a single piece of paper that has not been colored on by the time this month is over.

I do owe a huge thank you to Mother Nature for providing unseasonably warm weather that has allowed walks, a trip to the park, and backyard fun for the kiddos. Hooray for getting our daily value of Vitamin D!

Today was a test. I had Presidency meeting - which means sitting at my dining room table for 3 hours while my kids destroy the living room.  By the end, my ADD-self always feels stir-crazy and our usual routine is to immediately run off to the store just because I have to get away from the mess. Today our meeting ended and the kiddos and I were all feeling a little cooped up. Since the girl's were wearing their swimsuits, I threw on the closest clothes I could find and sent them outside. They lasted a good hour - including Fielding. It was great and since they just got some hardcore exercise - I don't feel too guilty parking them in front of Dora so I can finally sneak in the shower that I have needed since exercise class this morning.

P.S. I guess one failure thus far was I went to make lasagna yesterday and had no ricotta cheese.  I scurried around in my pantry and found an expired box of Hamburger Helper from my short-lived coupon days. Since I already had the hamburger thawed - I went for it. It wasn't my best dinner - but we didn't starve either... in fact Paisley said "This is the best thing I have ever eaten." But she says that about anything she can chew so I didn't put much stock in it.

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