Traditions are important... doesn't really matter what they are as long as you have them. We got quite a few around here but I try hard to keep them simple and meaningful for us. Some are old and some are new. Our family is constantly changing so sometimes our traditions have to change too - and that is ok!

The old:

1. Getting a live tree is very important to me and luckily I have convinced Blake that it is a necessity. Live trees make it "feel" like Christmas. For the 4 years we were in Arizona, we just bought our tree at Home Depot.  When we moved to Idaho, we decided that we must be those "cut your own tree" kind of people!

2. This is a product of my childhood. My childhood home had about 50 Christmas traditions - I asked my mom why we had so many and she said "With 8 kids, I was just trying hard to keep you busy." This one is a moving bear that goes from room to room each day looking for Christmas. It was one of my favorites and my girl's are already growing a fondness for this fun little countdown.

3. Nativities also remind me of my childhood... just a nice way to remember why we celebrate Christmas. I have started a small collection - I really like miniature ones that little fingers can touch and play with. I love that my girls spend time rearranging the people - their favorite formation is everyone standing in a tight circle around Baby Jesus.

4. Our ornament collection consists of shatter-proof balls that are cheap and disposable. In order, to slowly build a more meaningful and aesthetically-appealing collection, each year I find a nice ornament in the after-Christmas clearance that has a special significance. I have a glittery seashell from our beach-trip Christmas one year. I have a metal stocking form our last Christmas spent in AZ. This year Paisley and I went to a special Holiday Remembrance Ceremony at the cemetery and they gave us this ornament - this will be added to our collection to remember our first Christmas without Talmage.

5. Paisley helped me stamp out our Christmas cards this year - I love Christmas cards. 

The New:

6. On Thanksgiving evening, our kids get a special delivery from an Elf. Christmas jammies for them to wear all season long.

 7. I got the girl's their own tree for their room.  All preschool ornaments are hung on this tree - also the Elf delivered some fun gifts here as well.

 8. These books are what is in those gifts. Each night leading up to Christmas, the girlies get to open one book and we read it before bed. I found 90% of these books at the Goodwill for less than 50 cents - each year we will reuse the same books but I will replace some of the not-so-good-ones with better ones as I find them. 

9. I always wanted to be cool enough to merit an invite to a Sweater Party, but alas I am just to lame. So we pulled our anti-social-selves together and threw our own. This will now be an annual event.

 10. I made a wreath out of a few extra branches from our tree to place by Talmage - this is a tradition I will continue for the rest of my life. I hope I always live close to this very-small, very-sacred plot of land.


Durfee Family said...

I love all those traditions! I don't know if we have 50, but we definitely have our share! :)

busy bowman said...

TRADITIONS, traditions!! I love them and my kids love the bear finding Chrismas to! Love your idea on new traditions so fun!