Seven year stats...

Blake and I celebrated our seventh anniversary yesterday. It was very romantic - we played 7+ hours of Dominion with his brothers (and one of their wives) who are home from college. Nothing says "I love you" like playing a Throneroom followed by a Witch. Blake spent the last two days working half days from home - I love when my husband is home and when he is off work by noon.  We did take a break from our gaming to have a 'culinary adventure' at PF Changs (that is what they call it on their menu so that they can get away with sllooowwww service).

Well - I thought I would spare you (just this once) the sap about how Blake is the butter on my bread and give you some hard-and-fast facts about our married life.

Since Decmeber 28th, 2004, the...
*number of cars we have owned: 5
*number of cars given to us by generous family members: 2
*number of cars bought new: 1
*number of apartments lived in: 3
*number of houses bought: 2
*number of months spent living with our parents: 4
*number of pets owned: 6 (5 short-lived goldfish and 1 beta who is still going strong)
*number of pregnancies: 3
*number of kiddos: 4
*number of diapers Blake has changed: 152
*number of diapers Cyndi has changed: 3,052 (but who is keeping track)
*number of computers we have owned: 8
*number of TV's we have owned: 2
*average number of channels carried on our TV: 6
*number of tears Cyndi has seen Blake shed: 12
*number of tears Blake has seen Cyndi shed: 1,000,200,568
*longest number of consecutive days spent apart: 10
*number of kid-free nights since Paisley came around: 2
*number of movies seen in the theater: 42
*number of times Blake has bought me popcorn at the theater:0
*number of gallons of ice cream consumed together:1,283
*number of photos taken with Blake's fake smile: 263 (including this one)


Jana said...

The 0 popcorn at the theater makes me laugh. I'm totally like that, but not Christopher. Whenever we've taken Kate to the movies (2x) he's said she needs to "experience" the movies so popcorn is a must. Happy Anniversary!

HowellAZ said...

You are very creative at many things, but I think you posts are my favorite! Thanks for sharing...and by the way, I can't wait to bake up some choc chip cookies!
Congrats on 7 awesome years!

Melanie Nydegger said...

Still laughing. That is a great post!