My New Year's gift to you...

I know there are a billion recipes for chocolate chip cookies but I have mastered the art of making ooey-gooey, eat-strait-off-the-pan, melt-all-over-your-face cookies. My bi-daily consumption of them has taught me a few things so I thought I would spread the love with a few hints for cookie perfection.

So trash that last Christmas goody plate that is sitting by your toaster turning into a pile of crumbly stale nastiness and return to the simple goodness of hot cookies and cold milk.

The recipe comes from The Essential Mormon Cookbook. There are a few things us Mormons do well - stock-pile food, have lots of babies, and make dang good cookies.

1 cup butter (softened)
3/4 cup white sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs 
1 tsp vanilla
3 cups flour
3/4 tsp salt
3/4 tsp baking soda
2 cups chocolate chips

How it is made:

Make sure your *butter is softened - it does matter. Either set on counter for 30 mins or pop in your microwave for 10 seconds (don't walk away from your microwave if you are lazy and just push the add minute button thinking you will remember to pull it out prematurely. You will have a puddle of oily-fun to clean up).

*Butter is best. If you want to get technical - Costco salted butter is best. You can use margarine but I would at least recommend 1 cube butter and 1 cube margarine. 

Mush your butter up for a few seconds to soften it up some more. (My friend made these with no KitchenAid all the time and hers were better than mine - so you don't need one).

Add your white/brown sugar and cream for 1 minute.

Add eggs and vanilla - beat WELL. 

This step is key - you need to really beat this into a fluffy cream to incorporate lots of air. When people tell me their chocolate chip cookies always go flat - I point out that this is probably where they went wrong.

Add your flour, soda, and salt. 

Turn your mixer on too high and make a mess. 

Add chocolate chips. I store mine in the freezer - it doesn't change the taste of the cooked cookies but it makes the dough mo' yummy.

Which is what we all need in life - yummier cookie dough.

Ball them up and bake at 350 for 10 minutes.

Do not over-bake. Pull them out when they are slightly golden brown and the surface is starting to crack. Leave on pan for a minute and then move to a cooling rack...

... or strait to your plate. Eat warm with milk and beware of molten chocolate that will get all over your face.

Ball up the rest of the dough onto a pan.

Place in freezer for 30 mins then transfer to a ziploc to store up to 3 months (like it would ever last that long). 

Place cookies on pan strait from freezer. Bake. Eat. Repeat.


Jennette and Rich said...

I was JUST thinking I needed a great CCC recipe, Rich has been hinting lately...

Jennette and Rich said...

Also, great job on the tutorial. Its very Pioneer Woman of you and very impressive. Thanks for the effort spent so that the baking impaired (me) can make something yummy

Jo Ann Anderson said...

We have a tried and true recipe that monte really likes, but I will now have to try this and see if he likes it better. You Andersons and you warm cookies......

Cassidy said...

I just made your cookies- Love them!!!! What is a Sunday without chocolate chip cookies! Thanks so much!